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World-Wide Missions

What a blessing to be obedient to our LORD’S command to preach the gospel to every creature in every nation. This cannot be carried out alone. We here at Fishermen Baptist Church have adopted the philosophy that missions ought to be the burden of every believer. Through the freewill offerings of our members we are able to support a great mission family both here and around the world.

Acts 1:8 still applies!

Matt & Becky Allen Family (Papau New Guinea)

Howard & Rebecka Alverson (Scotland)

Kevin & Sonya McCoy (Costa Rica)

Jeff & Keiko Brigham Family (Japan)

Pete & Laura Dickens Family (England)

Jay & Janet Dempsey (Vancouver Island, British Columbia)

Steve & Lois Donley (Canada)

Edwin “Buddy” & Lyndee Duke (Germany)

Joshua & Abi Owens (Argentina)

Jason & Doris Hines Family (Canada)

Nate & Cori Mortenson (Honduras)

Connie Keith (USA)

Ken & Karen Kraich (Seaport Ministries)

Visit Kraich’s Website

Charles & Jennifer Leonard (Ukraine)

Bernard & Norma Maret (Merchant Seaman)

Joe & Jenny Mifsud Family (Europe)

Glen & Marci Mongold Family (Merchant Seaman)

Mark & Tamela Norman Family (England)

Jephunneh & Marge Palitang Family (Philippines)

Philip & Brenda Robinson (Chile)

Chris & Naomi Rue (Ukraine)

Doug & Carolee Schwaderer (Canary Islands of Spain)

Joe & Elna Snyder (Retired:Trinitario language evangelism & church planting)

Mitch Tillman (Thailand & Mongolia)

Joevest & Monica Varghese Family (India)

Daniel & Smita Wagh Family (India)

Patrick & Vicki Weimer (Iceland)

Visit Weimer’s Website

Lenora Mund

Michael & Frieda You Family (South Korea)

Myles Maher (Merchant Seamen, Port of Mobile)

Julian & Alla Vaipan (Central Asia)

Shane & Tammy Mallard (Western Australia)

Rose Palit-ang (Philippines)

Lee & Kelly Cadenhead Family (Zimbabwe, Africa)

Shannon & Tiffany Lemmon (Bible & Literature Missionary Foundation)

Romeo & Riza Patacsil (Philippines)

Allan & Daisy Estonila (Philippines)

Elijah & Natalie Helms (Cordova, Alaska)


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